Friday, August 06, 2010

Astronomy Pic of the Day | Galaxies Collide

Not even a hint of a new job in today's emails. But there was this great image from NASA.

The Antennae galaxies, located about 62 million light years from Earth, are shown in this composite image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue), the Hubble Space Telescope (gold), and the Spitzer Space Telescope (red).

The collision, which began more than 100 million years ago and is still occurring, has triggered the formation of millions of stars in clouds of dusts and gas in the galaxies. The most massive of these young stars have already sped through their evolution in a few million years and exploded as supernovas.

The X-ray image from Chandra shows huge clouds of hot, interstellar gas that have been injected with rich deposits of elements from supernova explosions. This enriched gas, which includes elements such as oxygen, iron, magnesium and silicon, will be incorporated into new generations of stars and planets. The bright, point-like sources in the image are produced by material falling onto black holes and neutron stars that are remnants of the massive stars. Some of these black holes may have masses that are almost one hundred times that of the Sun.


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At 4:17 PM, Blogger Jacky Maille said...

I love reading things that prove there is no god.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Dean said...

Images of colliding galaxies doesn't necessarily prove there is no god.
On the other hand being an agnostic I sorta reached that decision a LONG time ago anyway:-)


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