Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Problems With Palin Doesn't affect Me

Anyone who's given this Blog more than a few moments of attention knows that I am not a McCain/Rightwing voter. Obviously it didn't matter to me who the McSame's brain trust picked for their VP candidate they weren't getting my vote. As the news trickles out about Governor Palin's(shall we say) extreme Rightwing views I hope that more and more of the independent voters reach that decision also.
The news of her 17 y.o. daughter's pregnancy affects me not at all, the news of Palin's support of creationism in public schools, her rabid anti-choice for women, her cheerleading of aerial killing of Alaskan wolves and bears. All those bits of information that continue to leak out about Ms. Palin only reinforces what I already knew about dubya's man John McCain, and their Republican Rightwing.
I won't even go into the assorted stories on; "troopergate", Palin's support of Ted Stevens and his "Bridge to nowhere", her membership in the Alaskan Secessionist Party and everything else coming out now. All those can be read on other Blogs and/or news sites with lots more info than I have time for here in workland.
I think that she, or some "unknown" like her was the best pick Bushco/McCain could hope for. It actually appeared to be a brilliant move, and was to begin with. They stopped all talk of the Dem convention and Barack Obama's wonderfully historic speech immediately. They could snap up the evangelical crowd and the low info voters(undecideds?) and disatisfied women all in one fell swoop. Unfortunately(maybe) they apparently thought that vetting was something for Democrats or the Leftwing Hippie Bloggers.
They always knew they were NEVER going to get my vote and they were right. I and(I hope) most Americans have seen these people in action enough in the last(nearly) eight years to know it didn't matter at all who the Johnie gang picked. After seeing his selection, well let's just say that the Jerry Springer Show might have some likely guests in this family. But it doesn't affect my vote, and never did.


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