Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gov. Steve Beshear | The Clueless Express?

Photo: Pablo Alcala

What is up with Steve Beshear's administration? They're a little bit smarter than the guys in the Ernie Fletcher gang but at least the Fletcher Republicans had an excuse. When they finally got the Kentucky Governor's office back after so long I think they went a bit nuts. They thought they were set and untouchable. So they gambled in a lot of sneaky ways and lost. What's going on with the Steve Beshear administration though? These guys should be competent. Can't they hire a first year political student(or a DFH) to tell them how something like this little stunt is going to look to the voters. You'd think they were Kentucky Republicans the way they run around like they're in a cocoon with no accountability, Internets, or "News" media,

"Gov. Steve Beshear took three planeloads of officials with him to Pike County on Thursday at a cost of more than $7,000 for the first stop in his six-week statewide tour of town-hall meetings.
That came just days after Beshear suggested ways state workers could conserve on fuel when commuting.."

"Three planeloads of officials" for a "town hall meeting" in Pike County Kentucky. I've been to Pike County. ONE planeload of "officials" would have been plenty.


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