Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And The Last Candidate Standing...

As I helped my daughter with some work tonight good ol' corporate NBC "News" star Brian Williams was giving the lowdown on the eternal Presidential campaign. Hillary and Giuliani were interviewed and got some nice face time, they played snippets of the Mitt, and Obama and McCain. I think I may have even seen a quick video of Fred the walking dead. John Edwards was not mentioned and neither was Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.
I'll support my Democratic candidate whoever that turns out to be. I just don't like this idea of my corporate mutant info-news deciding who's allowed and who's acceptable. I agree with Barry Crimmins, ALL the major candidates should be allowed into the debates. When they're not ALL the candidates should demand that they be included.

And he said nothing

"..Whether Edwards has noticed or not, the media is sizing him up for burial next to Gravel and Kucnich. It measures the pine box when it discusses his 'under-financed presidential bid.' It pounds in a coffin nail with each reference to his 'flagging campaign.' One of these days it will lower him into the ground and throw dirt on him by deeming him no longer viable enough to participate in a debate. Who will speak for him then? Dennis Kucinich? Mike Gravel? Probably not, but even if they do, they won't be heard because the media never quotes anyone it has buried alive.."


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