Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ten more Americans Blown Away in Bushopotamia on Monday

Jeeesus! Mission accomplished yet dubya? No light at the end of the tunnel? I'm sure Halliburten's move to tax free Dubai with their blood money is still going well.

Attack in Diyala province comes same day 5 other explosions kill 46

The names of the soldiers who were killed are being held pending notification of their families. All were members of Task Force Lightning.
Suicide bombers attacked five other locations in Iraq on Monday, killing 46 people and wounding more than 100, officials said as the U.S. ambassador stopped short of saying construction on a controversial wall in Baghdad would be halted.
The deadliest suicide attack occurred near a restaurant on a highway close to Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad, killing at least 19 people and wounding 35, said Ramadi police Maj. Fuad al-Asafia.



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