Monday, April 09, 2007

Gingrich Calls For the Resignation of Gonzales

Newt is now calling for the resignation of Alberto "torture" Gonzales. Of course I believe Newt Gingrich about as much as Mitch McConnell. He is running for President though and is tacking to whatever wind he sees most American's going to.

Gingrich: Gonzales should consider resigning

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Newt Gingrich is joining the list of Republicans calling for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gingrich appeared on "Fox News Sunday" and criticized Gonzales' judgment in allowing the firings of eight U-S attorneys to become a political scandal.

Earlier this year, Gonzales insisted that the dismissals were based on performance and were not politically motivated. But e-mails between the Justice Department and White House contradicted those claims and prompted a public apology from Gonzales.

Gingrich calls the controversy the "most mishandled, artificial, self-created mess" he's ever seen in his years of public service.
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