Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bush at Blacksburg, FDL Predictions

Preznit, "Give me the money" is going to be at Blacksburg Virginia today for a photo-op, er.. speech to the masses. FDL has put a list together of just what the chimpster is gonna say and do. I think it's pretty spot on so here 'tis:

1. An assertion that if everyone in the building had been armed, this never would have happened.

We also suspect that:
2. He will gather students from the ROTC to use as props. Failing that, he will scare up some veterans, an arrangement of Marines, or a lovely bouquet of family members of soldiers killed in action.

3. There will be at least one comparison of what happened today in Virginia to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

4. He will take at least one breathtakingly nasty dig at Democrats for "not funding the troops".

5. Within the same breath as his dig at Democrats, he will urge the nation to "come together" and eschew "partisanship", accusing "some" of attempting to "politicize this tragedy".

6. He will use the phrase "in a time of war" at least twice.

7. He will take no questions.

8. He will use the words “evil” or “evildoer” repeatedly, and he will smirk when he says them.

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