Friday, October 20, 2006

Bob Lassiter R.I.P.

Bob Lassiter:
September 30, 1945 – October 13, 2006

I'm blogging this partly because I'd heard of Bob Lassiter before but hadn't heard his show and also because I want to preserve these links so I'll have them handy. I also wanted to pass them on (especially the recordings of his shows) to anyone who may pass through. Thanks to Mykeru for the heads up. Go read his eulogy to Bob it's excellent. Here's Bob's Blog and here's classic calls.

An excerpt from Bob Lassiter's last Blog post:

...It is hard to imagine feeling much worse than I do now – the constant foul taste that makes me sick to my stomach, the back pain as the neuropathy eats away at nerves and muscle tissue, the inability to eat solid food, the resignation that my illness brings on. In short, I am miserable, consumed
with, overwhelmed by it all.
I have chosen to keep what amounts to a diary that you will not see until the end. I am no longer able to function in the world you live in – I am no longer able to pretend that I have anything in common with everyday people. I am dying – I know it, am not at all happy about it, and have retreated into my own world – a world that has no escape.
I always thought that I would live until I died – I did not realize that it could take so long, be so hard. In some respects, it’s amazing how a body that clearly is failing clings on to life – fighting a losing battle, refusing to give in to the inevitable....


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